Millitech the leading edge of millimeter-wave technology

Millitech, Inc. specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of millimeter-wave components, assemblies, subsystems and fully integrated systems for applications in satellite communications, radiometry, radar and remote sensing. For over 25 years our engineering, manufacturing and sales staffs have been dedicated to providing the most technically advanced millimeter-wave products and services available, enabling our customers to translate their ideas and needs into cost-effective solutions. At Millitech, we are uniquely qualified to meet your design and development requirements in millimeter-wave technology.

The Millimeter-wave (MMW) Products Division focuses exclusively on applications that operate in the millimeter-wave frequency range of 18 to 500 GHz. This division designs and manufactures everything from individual components to complete systems for use in satellite, scientific, military and commercial applications. To address the requirements of this market, the MMW Products Division offers two basic millimeter-wave hardware types: standard catalog components and engineered products. The standard component line is very extensive and provides the building blocks required for most of the traditional millimeter-wave frequency applications. A wide variety of amplifiers, isolators, mixers, antennas, multipliers, and switches make up our standard product catalog.

In addition, the MMW Products Division has designed and engineered systems for virtually every millimeter-wave application in the industry. Based on our extensive millimeter-wave design experience, Millitech has manufactured systems for use in military radar, military communications, space communications, extraterrestrial sensing and contraband detection. We currently provide hardware that is being utilized in missiles, weather satellites, remote sensing systems, and a variety of millimeter-wave communications applications.

The Manufacturing Services Division (MSD) specializes in the manufacture of complex and high-value-added microwave and millimeter-wave-based assemblies and systems for military, aerospace, and other demanding markets. MSD has extensive knowledge in the design and production of complex, multi-axis X, Ku, K, Ka, and Q band hardware, processes, and test techniques. These antenna systems are used primarily for satellite communications and radar applications. Millitech is actively employing similar designs and capabilities in emerging applications such as detection, sensing, and security. Complemented by in-house design capabilities and a 2 to 110 GHz Indoor Compact Antenna Range, Millitech consistently supplies its customers with high-performance antenna solutions whether in custom-designed configurations or built-to-print specifications.

As a turn-key manufacturing operation, the MSD team manages a variety of programs from the prototype phase to full-scale production runs. MSD works very closely with customers during the product development phase providing design-for-manufacturability input, simplifying the transition from development to production. Millitech also utilizes lean manufacturing methodologies in all manufacturing programs to ensure that program schedules and cost targets are achieved.

At Millitech, our one goal is to lead our industry. We believe we can achieve this goal by pioneering new solutions and establishing Millitech as a premier innovator of millimeter-wave products for communications markets. The other things we must do are embodied in our Mission Statement and include:

Committing ourselves to the success of our customers, team members and business associates

Maintaining a continuous focus on integrity and excellence in everything we do

Developing unmatched design and simulation experience and applying that unique body of experience to customer specific requirements

Verifying solutions through rapid turn-around of hardware fabricated in Millitech's fully integrated facilities

Over the last two decades our efforts have resulted in a comprehensive family of components and assemblies spanning the frequency spectrum from 18 GHz up to 300 GHz. We want to be recognized as having state-of-the-art technology, products, systems, and customer support unequalled throughout the millimeter-wave industry.

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