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TRAK Microwave had its beginning in 1960, when Jim McCullouch came to Tampa from TRAK Electronics in Wilton Connecticut to open a branch office in Florida. He brought with him an engineer, a production manager and began producing triode tube oscillators in an old warehouse on Coolidge Avenue in Drew Park.

In early 1964, TRAK Microwave was purchased by Westech which later became Tech-Sym Corporation. The sale enabled TRAK to build a new facility on our present location, which at the time was Kennedy Road and single laned. We moved into the new 22,000 square foot facility in December of 1964 and continued production of triode tube devices.

1969 brought about major changes that transformed TRAK from a small, struggling company, to a major force in the Defense Industry. Rollin Sloan was made President of TRAK and by the early 70's Mr. Sloan had a staff in place that put TRAK on the move toward profitability.

The Ferrite Department was formed in October of 1969 when we purchased the ferrite operation from Sperry Microwave. Circulators and isolators quickly became a growing product line at TRAK and was expanded when we bought E&M Labs of California in 1975 and incorporated their products into the Ferrite line.

Beginning in late 1970 and into early 1971, we transferred over and absorbed Geo Space Corporation, also owned by Tech-Sym, which had been operating in St. Petersburg. Geo-Space was integrated into TRAK as a separate product line and became the Systems Department. The shop equipment brought in by Geo-Space necessitated our first expansion and a building was added for the machine shop.

In 1967 another electronic manufacturing firm called SRC was formed by six individuals and TRAK Microwave. In 1970 SRC became a wholly owned subsidiary of TRAK and was integrated as a product line division. SRC experienced the most rapid growth of any product line at TRAK and in 1974 we had to add another building to house the SRC production. SRC was later renamed RFM.

January of 1976 saw the introduction of the MIC product line and as that line began to grow, we again saw a need to expand. In 1984 the second two-story building was completed and added 32,000 square feet of production area. This was accomplished just in time to accommodate the latest product line, Subsystems, which was stared in late 1984.

During this same time frame, TRAK purchased the YIG operation of Systron Donner Corporation and set up TRAK west in Sunnyvale California. TRAK West operated in California until October 1987 at which time it was moved to Tampa as part of the RFM product group.

July 19, 1986 was a traumatic day in the life of TRAK. A major fire destroyed the two metal buildings that were built in 1970 and 1974. But TRAK came back, rising from the ashes to construct a 40,000 square foot, two story building and was back in the new building within 9 months.

Finally, in September of 1987, TRAK expanded to Europe by purchasing Channel Microwave in Dundee Scotland. This new wholly-owned European subsidary TRAK Microwave Limited (TRAK Europe), was expanded in 1992 by acquisition of certain assets of Albacom Plc. The primary product focus at this facility was Ferrite microwave products serving the military, industrial, and space level markets. In 2006 TRAK Europe and TRAK Microwave were split to form two separate operating entities.

A second subsidiary, Daden-Anthony Associates, Inc. was founded in September 1995 in San Clemente, California. This subsidary was the combination of Daden-Anthony and Anthony RF Products, Inc. The primary product focus of this subsidary was RF and microwave Filters.

In January of 1997, TRAK Communications. Inc. was formed by reorganizing TRAK Microwave Limited and Daden-Anthony Associates as separate entities and combining TRAK Microwave Corporation, TRAK Microwave Limited, Daden-Anthony Associates, Tecom Industries (another Tech-Sym Subsidiary), and TRAK Ceramics, a newly formed entity, as individual component companies of TRAK Communications.

In 1969 we were housed in a 22,000 square foot building and sales for the year were a little less than $1 million. By 1979 sales had grown to $7.5 million and by the end of 1988 we were operating from 120,000 square foot building and had sales of $32 million.

June 2000 Integrated Defense Technologies, a portfolio of defense electronics companies owned by Veritas Capital Fund L.P purchased Tech-Sym. The $182 million deal was completed in September of 2000. Tech-Sym's operations were merged into IDT's portfolio of companies. Under IDT, the former Tech-Sym subsidiaries Metric Systems Corporation and TRAK Communications continued to operate employing 280 employees.

In 2004, TRAK Communications was purchased by Smiths Group. TRAK Communications consisted of 425 employees employed by TRAK Microwave Corp (Tampa Florida), Tecom Industries (Thousand Oaks, California) and TRAK Microwave Ltd. (Dundee, Scotland).

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