Since 1981 CTT has been supplying customers worldwide with power amplifiers, frequency converters, frequency multipliers, transmitters, transceivers, and receivers within the frequency spectrum of 300 MHz to 45 GHz. CTT's products are designed to provide the best price versus performance combination for each customer, whether the end use is military, industrial or commercial.

CTT began as a microwave amplifier supplier serving the wireless and defense electronics markets. The requirements for the majority of the products supplied are in accordance with customer provided specifications requiring the company to develop designs, processes and procedures that ensure versatility while maintaining low cost and high reliability.

CTT has extensive experience in design and production using either PC board techniques, where low frequency, low cost and time-to-market are the primary driving forces, or using MMIC construction where performance above 18 GHz is required. Having built thousands of products with power levels that range from a few watts to 1 kW, CTT has become a leader in solid-state microwave amplification.