TRM Microwave

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TRM is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of custom and ready-to-build passive RF and microwave components, integrated assemblies and subsystems for defense, aerospace and commercial applications.

Over its 43 year history, TRM has built its solid reputation by engineering innovative solutions for mission critical systems using the most suitable combination of stripline, coaxial, microstrip, ferrite and air-strip technology. From sourcing of quality materials to optimized manufacturing processes and equipment, TRM is committed to delivering the best solution to our customers. Our line of beam formers, power dividers, couplers and hybrids provides a cost effective path for upgrading to hi-rel, space-qualified components.

Located in Bedford, New Hampshire, TRM Microwave is a privately held company specializing in RF and microwave components and subassemblies operating in the range of DC - 40 GHz for defense, aerospace and commercial applications.

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