A world of switching capabilities.

Standard and customized switches including toggle, pushbutton, rocker, slide, tact and rotary switches, industrial controls, LED indicators, for panel or PCB. APEM offers the broadest range in the switch and man-machine interface (MMI) industry. Easy to operate and highly reliable, APEM joysticks are suitable for all size and shape requirements from thumb and finger operation to full hand grip products. Leading the market with new technologies and features, APEM joysticks are available with potentiometer, switch, inductive and hall effect sensing. All APEM joysticks are highly customizable and are offered with a large range of standard configurations and options.

APEM makes custom switch panels for multiple applications, ranging from vending machines to industrial, medical, military and aeronautical equipment. The range includes membrane switch panels and rubber keypads, as well as stainless steel keypads and keyboards resistant to harsh environments (extreme climatic conditions, vandalism, stains).

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