GPS Time and Frequency Systems

FEI-Zyfer's parent company, Frequency Electronics Inc., was founded in 1961 and quickly gained world prominence in the Precision Quartz Crystal Oscillator Technology. FEI's ability to design, develop and fabricate oscillators for the new demanding requirements gave rise to its 80% world market share of spacecraft clocks, which it has dominated for over 40 years. In the ensuing '80s and '90s, FEI's technology base expanded to other precision oscillator products, including Rubidium and Cesium Atomic oscillators, as well as a host of ground and space-borne RF products and power sources. Today, FEI is a full service producer of precision frequency sources, RF and microwave components and systems, telecom systems, and network security products; second to none in technology. Throughout the years, FEI received many awards and commendations for product and service excellence from NASA, DoD, and related contractors.

Prior to joining the FEI family, Zyfer was part of Odetics Inc., which spawned several technology-related subsidiaries, including Zyfer. Originally named Odetics Telecom, established in the mid-'80s, was incorporated as Zyfer Inc. in 1999. Among other pursuits, Zyfer embarked on a journey to enter the GPS-related telecommunication market, focusing on GPS-aided precision time and frequency generation and synchronization products. Taking advantage of the boom in the wireless industry, Zyfer played a major role in populating Korean cell-sites with more than 6,000 synchronization systems. This success lead to the development of other synchronization-related products, which form the basis of the FEI-Zyfer product-set, oriented toward the needs of the communications system integrator. FEI- Zyfer's core-competencies are:

  • GPS Systems Expertise - Satellite, User, and Control Segments
  • SAASM GPS military receiver technology and applications to Communications and Command/Control terminals
  • GPS/Oscillator Disciplining for improved performance and holdover
  • WAAS and GPS-augmentation systems application to communications
  • Applications and Imbedded software design and architectures

The FEI-Zyfer team is expert in most aspects of the synchronization field, including the related precision frequency generating components. The team is composed of innovative people who, either during previous employment or as part of FEI-Zyfer, have left their mark in the synchronization industry with the following developments:

  • 1st space-rated Rubidium Atomic oscillator for the Block-I/II GPS satellites and the 1st military Rubidium atomic oscillators
  • 1st to develop the world's smallest Rubidium atomic oscillator and introducing this hi-tech product to the telecom industry
  • 1st GPS-aided Time and Frequency Synchronization systems that fueled the wireless industry and has become a world-standard

Contribution to the development of the 1st SAASM-GPS military receiver and its direct-P(Y) acquisition functionality

  • 1st to develop the use of the SAASM-GPS technology for military timing and synchronization
  • 1st to develop the concept of using WAAS for time and frequency applications

As an ISO-certified company, FEI-Zyfer offers high-performance, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for a variety of in-the-clear and secure communication networks applications.