As the world's leading slip ring manufacturer, we offer more than 10,000 slip ring designs that are used in a wide range of applications. From large slip rings designs that are used on CT scanners for patient diagnostics to smaller slip rings that are a key component on high-technology security systems to mission critical space-rated components, Moog products fit a wide range of applications.

We are a U.S. market leader in supplying fractional horsepower brushless DC motors. Our motion technology solutions also include brush motors, linear motors, drives, alternators, fiber optic rotary joints, resolvers / synchros, actuators, solenoids and integrated motion assemblies. We also have solutions expertise in the areas of air moving by solving difficult thermal, airflow, acoustic and efficiency problems.

On the electronic systems side, we provide a full line of components for industrial, marine, military and aerospace applications, including fiber optic modems, fiber optic multiplexers and avionics instruments.

Moog's fiber optic solutions have served the marine and energy markets for over 20 years - where our products are components on offshore petroleum, oceanographic, seismic and maritime defense systems. We supply fiber optic multiplexers, media converters, rotary joints, hybrid fiber optic rotary joints and slip rings, fluid rotary unions, precision would coils and FPSO swivels.

Moog provides innovative design and manufacturing capabilities in motion, electronics and fiber optics. Both standard and custom product solutions are used in industrial, commercial, medical, marine, aerospace and defense applications.