Presidio Components

The Presidio Advantage

Presidio Components has been an industry leader in the manufacture of ceramic capacitors since 1980. We are dedicated to excellence in manufacturing, process control and customer service. All products are manufactured and tested in our state-of-the-art, 75,000 square foot facility in San Diego, California, allowing for immediate response to your business needs. We have numerous patents, and hundreds of years of combined engineering experience, and we can formulate the right product for your application. At Presidio Components we work hard to build positive, long term relationships with our customers and we will go the extra distance to ensure customer satisfaction.

Capabilities — Standard & Custom Products

If you cannot find a part anywhere else, call Presidio Components. With more than 100 million parts in inventory, we have many commercial and military parts in stock. If you have a custom application, call the factory. Our custom products include nonstandard part sizes and voltages, including high voltage, high temperature, high “Q”, custom leads, cryogenic ceramics, negative and positive temperature characteristic ceramics and piezoelectric formulations. We have a series of patented microwave and radio frequency products including patented single layer and broadband DC blocking caps.

Experience — Diverse Markets

Presidio’s capacitors are used in a variety of commercial, military, and high reliability space applications. Our customers manufacture products such as aircraft, missile guidance systems, switch mode power supplies, phased array radar, high frequency transponders and receivers, ring laser gyros, EFI detonators for defense and oil well completion, plus much more. .

Quality — QPL Products & DSCC Approved Test Lab

Presidio Components was initially qualified to MIL-PRF-55681 in 1984. Since then we have upgraded our processing line to obtain the highest established reliability rating of “S” level. We are also qualified on two additional space level specifications, MIL-PRF-123 and MIL-PRF-49470 “T” level. And, Presidio Components is proud to be the first QPL supplier to MIL-PRF-49467, the high voltage ceramic capacitor specification. All QPL testing follows the uniform methods established by MIL-STD-202 and is done on site at our DSCC approved test lab per DSCC's MIL-STD-790 Product Assurance Program. For a list of environmental test capability, consult the factory.

Conflict-Free Materials — Our Commitment

Presidio Components Inc. is committed to using conflict-free minerals in its products.Presidio Components Inc.’s Gold and Tin originate from smelters that have been validated by an independent private sector party to be conflict free.

Presidio Components Inc. supports the goals and objectives of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Section 1502 (Act), which aims to prevent the use of conflict minerals that directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups in The Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining country as defined in the Act. Conflict minerals include: columbite-tantalite (coltan) (i.e., tantalum), cassiterite (i.e., tin), gold, wolframite (i.e. tungsten) or their derivatives and could expand to include any other minerals or their derivatives determined by the U.S. government to be financing the DRC conflict. The Act requires due diligence with respect to the sourcing of conflict materials.