Beta Transfomer Technology Corporation

Beta's high reliability transformers and other magnetic components are used in many critical military and commercial programs, e.g., F-18, F-22, C-17, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, M1A2 Tank, Space Station Alpha, EOS Satellite System, MD 111, JDAM, and Boeing 777. Whether your application is ground-based, airborne, space-level, shipboard or commercial, Beta's standard MIL-PRF-21038/27, Fibre Channel, or custom-designed magnetics will meet your applications' demanding requirements while providing excellent service for years to come. Beta power transformers can be used in applications requiring up to 200 VA. Our lower power versions are used for applications that may require single- or multi-tap configurations. Whether you require a simple, open-winding design or an application-specific custom package, Beta will meet your most stringent packaging demands. Many Beta product applications result from designs that required either non-standard voltage levels, signal conditioning, EMI/RFI isolation or combinations thereof. Our experienced Engineering team is anxious to help you resolve your magnetics design questions and provide you with the highest quality component(s) available.