Teledyne Relays

Everywhere you look.

Teledyne Relays is the world's innovative leader in manufacturing ultraminiature hermetically sealed switching products, with more than 50 years heritage in military programs. Our comprehensive product line meets wide-ranging requirements for the defense and aerospace markets, also offering high-performance solutions for industrial, professional, commercial and medical switching applications.

Teledyne Relays has been providing industrial power solid-state relays for over 40 years. The company offers a broad range of products, from standard off-the-shelf single-, dual-, three- and quad-output relays to custom products with diagnostics and phase monitoring. These relays are used in numerous applications, including food equipment, heating, lighting, medical equipment, motor control, refrigeration, temp control and mil-aero applications.

Teledyne's selection of high-quality components results in reduced EMI and lower start-up surges. The rugged design, including the direct-bond copper (DBC) and wirebond assembly, offers the most reliable and thermally efficient product on the market. Teledyne is also the world's innovative leader in manufacturing hermetically sealed solid-state and electromechanical relays. Teledyne Relays' industrial SSRs, mil-aero SSRs, electromechanical relays and coaxial switches offer switching solutions across a wide range of markets and applications.